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«Monaco RRT» — karting club, created in the spirit of legendary Monaco. The sea, sun, and famous corners of Formula 1, Café de Paris tracks — we invite you into the atmosphere of Monaco in the center of Moscow.

Here you can ride cards, organize an event and spend time with the nearest and dearest. Very soon a restaurant will be open for you where you can taste delicious pizza and also children’s room where your kids can conquer the game labyrinth.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Monaco without leaving Moscow!


Monaco RRT track is a dynamic trajectory consisting of S-shaped corners, 180-degree turns and long straight lines.

Asphalt coating provides excellent adherence and good handling as all the professional races in the big motorsport, including karting, are carried out only on the asphalt.

The results of each pilot are fixed by a professional telemetry system and displayed on a large LED screen and monitors located in different areas of the karting club.


The necessary equipment will be chosen individually for each pilot and given before entering the track

The track is equipped by plastic kerbs with weighting — in case of collision, the material absorbs the impacts, ensuring complete safety of the racer.

The modern ventilation system keeps
the air clean


We provide modern and safe cars by Danish company Dino. The carts are created specifically for closed areas and are used at the world’s best go-cart tracks.

adult kart


Capacity of 6,5 hp

The price is indicated for 1 heat (10 minutes)

Mon  16:00-18:00
Tue-Thu 12:00-18:00
Mon-Thu 18:00-24:00
Fri, Sat, Sun, Pre-Holiday and Public Holidays

You can send a request for booking

Kart for children

Kart for children

Capacity of 5,5 hp

For junior racers who are 130 cm tall and above.

The price is indicated for 1 heat (10 minutes)

Mon 16:00-18:00
Tue-Thu 12:00-18:00
Mon-Thu 18:00-24:00
Fri, Sat, Sun, Pre-Holiday and Public Holidays

You can send a request for booking

Twin Karts

TWIN KARTS (two place)

Capacity of 13 hp

The price is indicated for 1 heat (10 minutes)

Mon 16:00-18:00
Tue-Thu 12:00-18:00
Mon-Thu 18:00-24:00
Fri, Sat, Sun, Pre-Holiday and Public Holidays

You can send a request for booking

You can also book a heat by the following phone numbers:

8 495 980 25 15, 8 925 980 25 15

Via feedback call

Heat booking is carried out not earlier, than a day before
the planned date of heat.


A racing license is needed to access the Monaco RRT go-kart track , the license costs only 100 rubles. It will allow to receive discounts, personal offers, participate in special promotions and closed events of the club, and most important — to know and store the result of your each heat.

You can receive the license as more convenient for you: in the form of a plastic card, or save it as your mobile phone application. The racing license issuance is the obligatory term to access the go-kart track.

Plastic card

Is issued at the reception on the first visit.

for iOS and Android

The application requires an access code. You can get it at the reception or scan the  QR code.

Google play App Store

Racing license
in application is:

Access to the go-kart track by the pass, which is always with you.

Personal history of all your heats results.


Do you plan a party?

Birthdays, team building, corporate events, championships — for any event you can rent a track of our karting club. We offer you 3 variants of programs:

"Monaco Fast" program

Monaco Fast
  • Karting-track rent for 30 minutes
  • 10 karts (cars)
  • 3 heats as competition
  • The program includes initial briefing and equipment chosing.
  • Diploma ceremony for 3 winners

Cost of program Monaco Fast for 30 minutes

20 000 Mon-Thurs

26 000 Fr, Sat, Sun, pre-holidays and public holidays

Book your party

"Monaco Lite" program

Monaco Lite
  • Karting-track rent from 1 hour
  • 10 karts (cars)
  • 4 heats per 10 minutes (heat duration can be changed)
  • Diploma ceremony for 10 winners

Cost of program Monaco Fast for 1 hour

32 000 Mon-Thurs

36 000 Fr, Sat, Sun, pre-holidays and public holidays

Book your party

"Monaco Race" program

Monaco Race
  • Karting-track rent from 1 hour
  • 10 karts (cars)
  • Development of the competition rules depending on the number of participants and he client wishes, the race organization (usually a race consists of free heats, qualification and final competition)
  • Solemn ceremony of rewarding (is spent on a podium, under musical support and fireworks, with 3 medals set presentation and champagne spray in honor of winners).

The cost of program Monaco Race for 1 hour

36 000 Mon-Thurs

42 000 Fr, Sat, Sun, pre-holidays and public holidays

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You can call us:

8 495 980 25 15, 8 925 980 25 15

Or contact us via feedback call

Besides in our club you can purchase award products: medals, cups, diplomas, table-stones with individual design, engraving and logo printing. It is possible to place branded banner surfaces.

Events organization

8 926 200 11 51

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Monaco RRT Certificates

You can purchase gift certificates for heats in our karting center.
Choose the certificate of the desired value:

You can order a certificate
with a nominal value more than 5000 rubles

Rules of the certificate usage

The certificate is valid within 3 months from the date of purchase.It can be used partially or as payment of several drivers heats.The certificate can not be exchanged for cash. The lost certificate is not subject to recovery. In order to use the certificate, it is necessary to pre-book the heat through the reception of the karting club according to the current booking rules.

You can order a certificate by the following phone numbers:

8 495 980 25 15, 8 925 980 25 15

Or via feedback call



Skladochnaya Srt. 1, bld. 6,Moscow
There is our own parking

Heats booking:

8 925 980 25 15, 8 495 980 25 15

Events booking:

8 926 200 11 51

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Have you got any more questions?

Send us an e-mail: